Top Moments in Nam

This year has been an adventure, to say the least.

As I try to pack my life into a few bags (again) and prepare to leave tomorrow for a month of travels, I’ve had a chance to reflect on this year.  I learnt so much and did things I never thought I’d do, and I have the Namibia National Olympic Committee to thank for this amazing opportunity.  I only hope they benefitted from having me in the office this year as well.  I will definitely miss many aspects of my life here but I’m happy that I now have a new “home” to come back to!

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playing with a friend’s rescued cheetah

It’s impossible for me to (concisely) describe what all I have experienced this year, so I will leave you with a (non-comprehensive) list of a few of the more interesting/ridiculous moments I had here in Namibia.

Top 6 “What the @!&# is happening” Moments


  1. Phone stolen…twice!
  2. Car broken into + things stolen + somehow insurance didn’t cover anything
  3. Bitten by a caracal (lynx)
  4. Bats, birds, lizards living in my ceiling
  5. Macbook completely crashed while working at the African Youth Games and there is no Apple store in Africa
  6. Had serious breathing issues and the doctor couldn’t determine the cause

Fortunately, for every “WHAT THE@!&#” moment, there were double the amount of “WOW” moments 🙂

Top 12 “Wow” Moments

  1. Bought my first car
  2. Learnt to cook
  3. Accepted to AISTS MSA (IOC Sport Management Masters Program)
  4. Had my picture in local newspapers
  5. Coached the Girls Youth Olympic Football Team
  6. Gave stretching training to the Women’s National Football Team
  7. Bungee jumped at Victoria Falls (3rd highest)
  8. Completed the Open Water Scuba Diver Certificate in Seychelles
  9. Played with cheetahs
  10. Wrote speeches for the Minister & Prime Minister
  11. Went to an Ovambo wedding where the President of Namibia was also a guest
  12. Friends and family visited from Canada – shoutout to my mum who came quad biking on the sand dunes with me!

how cool is my mum!

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