FIFA Master Media

I was fortunate to be selected, along with my classmate Cameron, to be a class representative for our first trimester at De Montfort University in Leicester.  During our time as reps we wrote about our class and our time adjusting to the FIFA Master Program.  The write-ups were published and are available on the CIES website.  I have included links to them below.

The Journey Begins                                                        The End of Chapter 1

img_3476   leicester-city

Interested in reading more about what my class did during the course?

The write-ups below cover many major events during the 16th edition of the FIFA Master and they were written by the class representatives in Milan and Neuchâtel, and CIES staff.

Welcome to the 16th Edition

Wimbledon Welcome 16th Edition

Business Trip and Football Match at Manchester City FC

Chapter 2 – The Journey Continues

A Month in the Life of the 16th Edition


Some Dreams do Come True

The Home Stretch – May 2016

16th Edition Graduation Ceremony